Update: As of 7/1/2019, we will no longer register students who are below age 6. This change will not affect students who are currently registered with us. 

Our new rate for this coming fall semester will take effect on 9/1/2019. Fall semester tuitions should be paid on or before the first week of September.

New Student

30 min. Trial lesson: $30 the first time (in cash)

Fall Semester (15 weeks, September 1 to December 23. 2019)

30 min. lessons: $40/lesson, $600/semester

30 min. lessons for little pianist, age below 6: $43/lesson, $645/semester

45 min. lessons: $60/lesson, $900/semester

60 min. lessons: $80/lesson, $1200/semester

We do not charge enrollment fees.